EveryDejaVu is an independent record label based out of Boston. Starting as a blog in 2012, EveryDejaVu released its first official release as a label in 2014 and has released over 20 projects since. They have released projects from j^p^n, Blu, Satchy and others spanning hip-hop, indie rock, R&B and more. EveryDejaVu represents a contrast between the norm and the fantastical.


Dolly Ave

Dolly Ave is a multi-faceted visionary. The Asian-American artist is an award-winning photographer and meditative musician. The debut of her musical virtuoso is “Birds”: a vibrant and technicolor music video both written and creatively produced by her.


The engimatic producer has a discography that weighs a ton and some. A wizard of bending samples and creating heavenly, warm instrumentals. j^p^n is currently working on a handful of projects coming soon.


Channeling soothing rhythms and angelic vocals from Providence, Rhode Island, Borboleta soars over lush, groovy soundscapes as showcased on their singles, "Fly" and "Pink and Pear Magnolia." They are working on a new set of singles to be released early 2021


Satchel "Satchy" Brown is Pasadena-based singer, songwriter, and producer. Backed up with his band of jazz musicians, Satchy sings with vulnerable, love-ridden thoughts over smooth guitar chords and sprinkles of saxophone riffs wading alongside hip-hop rhythms to create moody, sensual soundscapes.

New Releases